New Thing at the Gym

Some people have a behavior at the gym I am intrigued with and I thought some of you, maybe the ones with their pictures as an avatar, maybe do the same and could help me understand this new trend.

Basically those people don’t bother changing their clothes in front of the their locker. Everytime I have seen them they have to go dress in front of the counter in the center with the mirror and the dryers. They don’t use the dryers. Sometimes they are a group of 2 or 3. Actually they are not really actively changing their clothes judging from the time they spend without a shirt. They may be talking or using their phones but all this time they are not looking anywhere else but their own reflection on the mirror.

All of those people are steroid users. Most of them are young (20’s) but some of them are in their 30’s or 40’s or maybe beyond. They all seem to get along fine.

Once I went to use the dryer, not be ause I reallyneeded it but just to see. They seemed midly annoyed.

I am not on the social media anymore, so maybe it’s a new 2014 thing.

It sounds like they are looking at their reflections in the mirror.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
It sounds like they are looking at their reflections in the mirror.[/quote]

Yes, I have heard of this phenomenon. I think there may be evidence of people doing this pre 2014, but I’m not sure.

Just be glad it wasn’t leg day