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New Thibarmy Programs?

Hey Coach.
I want to ask, when do you release the new/ updated Training programs on Thibarmy ?
I am really looking forward to it.

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I honestly don’t know the exact date. We’ve been having problems with the firm mandated with creating our new website

No way! My favorite is when they say “coronavirus” with no context as a self-explanatory justification. It’s like today’s version of El Nino (for those old enough to remember that). You were an IT firm that worked from home in the first place; did the Internet get coronavirus??

If anyone gets mad because I’m not being sympathetic - I’m somewhat kidding. Every provider has challenges in every business; I get it.

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FYI the main thib blog page lands on a “verify you’re not a bot” security check, then gets a page load error after verifying.

Those web designers should be put on a built for battle 2 a day on carnivore diet as punishment!

Worst thing is that the cie is owned by my cousin and it is actually a top of the line firm

I think everyone is overwhelmed right now. Teams that used to have 2 projects have 8.