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New Text Feature!

In case you haven’t seen it, starting with this issue of T-mag, you can go to a more “printer friendly” page to print articles. Just click on the “Text Version” button at the bottom of each article. Get those three ring binders ready!

Hey Chris,
Do your computer guys know that the current issue button on the forum links to issue 149? Maybe that is why some people haven’t seen the new issue! - Matt

Chris - my last post is only true if you use the old forum URL.

  • Matt

Chris, I love you, you big burly hunk of a man. Thanks for taking care of the problem of printing.

I think Chris, who moderates this board periodically, posted my message twice because he liked it so much.

Sometimes Bodz scares me. :slight_smile: Seriously, thank Tim and our computer gurus. I noticed they also placed links to the articles at the bottom of each page. This is really handy too. BTW, did you guys see the pic of the graphics guys in the current Behind the Scenes column? Nice office!

As for the double posts, that happens sometimes. I don’t know why, computer fart or something.