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New Testosterone Formulation + HCG Question

Hello all,

Started TRT 2 months ago 100mg 2x a week Mon + Thurs
HCG 2x week 250iu Tues + Fri
No AI unless I develop symptoms (have armidex on hand)

So far everything has been running smooth I would say, had crazy libido 1st 5 weeks, now its kind of calming down…maybe normalizeing. (aka not looking to smash everything but still get hard)

Here are my questions.
I was given a bottle of TEST CYP 200mg in SESAME SEED.
My doc reupped me, and I got TEST CYP 200mg/25mg DHEA In Grape seed. (posted below).

I asked about this, and he says it just a new formulation from the compounding company and should be a bit better.

Is there any truth to this? What are the pros and cons of this change?
I asked a buddy who gets TRT from another lab down south in FL and hes says he lab is giving him this new formulation also.

2nd ? HCG when is the proper time to take it? Before or after the test shots?

I’m just discovering this forum so pardon my ignorance.
As for labs, Ill be getting them again in 3 weeks, i started out with low T round 220.

I take my hcg twice a week. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s on a test day or not, but my routine has been test Sunday and Thursday, hcg Tuesday and Saturday. Again, it’s just routine now, so I have no idea if it’s right or wrong, but it works for me.

Are you taking a total of 100 mg or 200 mg a week?

And do U inject intermuscular?

Out of curiosity, how much test do you take?

When it comes to blasting, how much gear to you take (and what compounds). Do you still blast? Do you intend to blast throughout the rest of your lifespan?

Used to take 100mg twice a week. I’m now down to 60mg.

Blast was 450, with epistane added during the final six weeks.

Next blast is being crafted now but I’m unsure the direction I want to go. Trying to cut first so I have some extra room to grow. I assume I’ll blast once a year for another few years and then likely quit altogether. But who knows? It really depends on how I feel and what a I want to accomplish.

60mg??? I’d be at like 300ng/dl… if that on average, where does that get you to?

out of FURTHER curiosity, have you ever used oxymetholone? The mistique of this compound peaks my attention. There is a whole lot of talk about how toxic it is, yet the small amount of literature regarding use of this compound demonstrates a decent safety/tolerability profile, here they give 50-100mg/day to men aged 65-80 for 12 wks, aside from a phat drop in HDL and a rise in ALT/AST bordering on concerning in the highest dose, I’d argue this compound has an acute safety profile better than dbol, similar to that of anavar… that is based on this literature as no issues with BP or anything of the likes were noted (also causes raised liver enzymes, trashed cholesterol)


Not saying to take anadrol, obviously there isn’t much literature on the compound, using it is somewhat like being a lab rat, though interestingly it is one of the few (aside from drostanolone, dihydrotestosterone, fluoxymesterone and methyltestosterone) that have medical indications for supra physiologic doses, and in this case the indication for treating aplastic anaemia is 1-5mg/kg/day for a minimum of 3-6mths…

I just got bloods after 5 1/2 days on 200mg sus/wk, clocked in at a biiiiiit over 500ng/dl, furthermore after using 175-200mg for a prolonged period of time (AND experimenting with 100mg test 200mg mast for about six weeks) my hematocrit has DROPPED (by what I’d call a statistically significant degree) over the past six months. Either the mast was bunk or my body is resistant to the erythropoietic effects of anabolic’s

I assume you wish to quit in a few years out of fear for the cardiac side effects? How large are you (in terms of raw muscle mass). I’m contemplating going ham on bodybuilding the second I graduate, it’s that or go to Europe and try figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I believe both decisions would net a fair amount of long term damage.

Personally I’m contemplating pulling the plug with regard to vastly supraphysiologic doses of testosterone (say 350mgish), while not a great decision by any means, the lifestyle I abide by (at this current moment) and the well tolerated profile of testosterone at higher doses as demonstrated via literature (even for semi prolonged periods of time) has me wanting to try higher doses. I’m not looking for justification or permission obviously, I’m merely stating my potential intentions for the future. It’s a question I won’t have an answer to as the perceived harms of both practices are relatively unknown

If you cycle 1x/yr, roughly how much of said muscle mass do you keep after cycle. Say you put on 10-15lbs with a large portion of that muscle mass being situatied around you’re thighs, glutes, deltoids, trapezius and triceps. How much of that newly build mass do you tend to keep? Do you keep the “enhanced” look (thick traps/neck)


That’s 60mg twice a week. Sorry, should have made that clear.

Anadrol is unappealing to me because of the headaches associated with it. I already have enough of those, so I tend not to get near anything that could exacerbate the situation.

This blast was my first true attempt. I’ve experimented with orals here and there, but this was my first time actually taking larger test doses and aiming for a specific goal.

I didn’t put on a lot of size during this blast because I wasn’t sure how much fat I was willing to gain. I wanted to shoot for a few extra pounds of muscle and a mild trimming of bf. I got the results I wanted, but was underwhelmed. After four weeks post-blast I’ve now started to cut, so we’ll see how much actually sticks around. After this cut I’ll assess if I want to do one more blast this year and decide what’s best for my goal(s).

Why were you underwhelmed?

As of four weeks later, how much of you’re initial gains did you lose?

Do you wish to ever try compete.

I wish to compete, even if only once for the experience, problem is (if you believe in somatypes that is) i’m somewhat of an endomorph, my body struggles to lose fat, gaining mass is very easy, but if I’m not careful I gain fat, esp around stomach and midsection VERY quickly, thus I tend to be in this limbo of bulk/cut and don’t make much progress (that and injuries, chronic pain and whatnot). Seriously for me to lose 1-2% bf it takes a good 3 weeks of a heavy deficit (say 700 cal deficit) cardio every day, no junk etc. Sure, it’s an extreme approach, and a lighter approach would be far more sustainable, but for me the light approach is PAINFULLY slow as my genetics simply wish for me to hold as much fat as possible DAMMIT

I did not get much of a strength boost and my size gain was minimal. Now the size thing makes sense. I wasn’t eating for big size, so I didn’t expect to get much. But it’s still hard, no matter how well I know that I was trying for recomp, to look back and see changes that were to me subtle. Intellectually I knew not to expect something dramatic, but when it was over I still somehow wanted to see something dramatic. Our brains fool us I suppose.

My fiancé noticed some changes and commented on it a few times, but I didn’t feel like anything changed. Again, I have actual evidence of muscle gain and fat loss, but it still felt meh to me.

Next blast is going to be for something a little more dramatic, but nothing to the level that the competitive guys are attempting. Goal is to cut to 175 and then bulk to 200 by this time next year. I think it’s doable, but if I fall short it’s not like I don’t have tons of time to keep going after that number later on.

Hey @iron_yuppie, remind me how old you are? What’s your current weight?

37, currently 185. When I started trt I was 145 and 34.

Wow! 40 pounds in 3 years. I’ve gained about 30 in 5 years. @iron_yuppie

I’ve been doing what I call the lazy man’s cut using HGH. Havent changed my diet significantly just dropped the sugar for the most part. I’m leaning up, albeit slowly, but it does seem to be preserving my muscle very well.

Just a thought for you and why I asked your age.

you were age 145 and weighed 34 lbs. TRT aged you hahaha

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Pssst. I gained 18lbs in a month when I started TRT, haha

The grapeseed oils tends to give men less side effects, but has a shorter shelf life which is why pharma doesn’t use it. Grapeseed has been around for a few years, it’s only new to those who just heard about it.

Cottonseed seems to give men the most problems, even heard of a guy who had been on TRT for more than a year and couldn’t get his blood pressure down no matter what he tried, switched to sesame seed and blood pressure dropped to normal, he wasn’t even allergic to the cottonseed, lab testing confirmed it.