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New Testosterone C Cycle

Hello guys I Have a question, I’m taking testosterone c at 250 a week and I’m retaining some water (3 pounds heavier after one week) going on my second week. Does this go away once your body gets used to the test? Or will I have it as long as I’m taking test. I know that 3 pounds isn’t muscle so just curious

How long have you been on that dose. If you new to trt yes water retention is expected in the begining

I’ve been on it for one week today, will it go away? My estrogen is at a good level no need for ai

Likely not until PCT

Hey guys, I’m currently taking 300mg a week (on week 1) of test c. I’ve lost 50 pounds naturally over the last two months, is test c good for a cut while gaining muscle mass? Anyone have any experience with this?

Hi , you can actually cut with 300mg of test C but you will not look lean at all, because all testosterone increases water retention which makes you look fat

Do you guys recommend taking 20mg a day of dinabol with test c? I’m looking for a complete body recomp, is It hard on the heart and bp? Is it hard on the body??

you can add 20mg a day of Dianabol with test C , is not hard on the body if you don´t have heart or liver problems , or if you have low percentage of body fat , i advice you not to use dianabol more than 6 weeks , and test C no more than 12 weeks , and don’t forget to do PCT , so you don’t loose your gains

So I’m 28, I went to a trt clinic and got labs done at lab Corp came back at 160, I injected 250 mg of test c the day after went to my primary she did the same blood test and came back 873 5 day’s later. What the hell! Would one of the labs be wrong? I’m so confused

I don’t understand your source of confusion. You tested low at LabCorp. Then you injected a big dose of T-cyp and rested 5 days later and got much higher T levels. What were you expecting?

I guess my question is would it
Go up that quick with one injection? I mean 700 points? Is that normal?

It’s certainly not abnormal.

That’s a pretty high amount to inject at one time. Your t level was really low beforehand.

Okay thank you guys for your input great key appreciate it!

My baseline levels were 120 ng/dL and 3 days after an 200mg injection (enanthate) I was scoring 1198 ng/dL.

Yes, that is the idea. Why, after starting TRT treatment with one doctor, did you go to another and get a repeat blood test a few days later?

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Every lab has different equipment so normally it is best to use only one lab from the big ones in your respective country

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I went to a trt clinic but they don’t take insurance so I thought going to my primary would be cheaper

OK, makes sense. I’m surprised they made you repeat the labs though, she could have used the one you had since it was so recent.

After seeing the 873, was she willing to continue TRT with you?

My primary said she needs two labs that say it’s low, I don’t know why. My primary isn’t doing the trt with me because it’s so high so im still going to the trt doctor. It’s 211 a month for only one injection a week of 150 mg which is a rip off. I have a bottle of test at home of 250ml/10ml so I’m just going to use that. All my labs came back great hemoglobin, cholesterol, and ect. Does anyone know how long
You will retain water on test?

Some, maybe most, insurance carriers require two separate lab tests, done before 9am, with levels below the bottom of the range before they will cover testosterone.

Does she know it was 873 because you had a 250mg injection earlier that week?

Not everyone does, but if you do it’s usually for just a few weeks as you adapt to the higher hormone levels.

Yeah, that’s very high. Hopefully, that includes labs, but even then, it’s very high.