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New Test Values - Please Comment

Could someone comment these values. My doctor claims they are all normal which they are in fact, they are with the boundaries. However, the testosterone values seem low to me. I do have indications of low t: tired, keeping fat even though training hard and eating right, bad mood etc. On the other hand I have lot of body hair, beard growth is ok but pretty thin, 34 years old by the way…

S-Testosterone 13 nmol/L (10-30)
S-Testosterone free 7,6 nmol (6,3-16)
S-SHBG 23 nmol/L (15-56)
S-DHEAS 9,7 mikromol/L (4,3-12)
S-T4(free) 9 pmol/L (8-14)
s-T3,f 4,6 pmol/L (3,5-5,4)


not sure about your values because I am too tired to convert to the other metrics right now, but I will try and get to this this weekend (unless someone else beats me to the punch first).

Converted one of the values:

S-Testosterone 374,6 ng/dl