New Test Results

KSMan and other experts…PLEASE analyze my results…40 yr old…:

Glucose, Serum…90 mg/dL 65-99 01
Estradiol… 33 pg/mL 0-53 01…Adult Male: <54
DHEA-Sulfate… 76 -LOW- ug/dL 120-520 01
Free Testosterone(Direct)… 10.3 pg/mL 8.7-25.1 02
Prostate Specific Ag, Serum…0.5 ng/mL 0.0-4.0 01
Homocyst(e)ine, Plasma… 13.4 umol/L 0.0-15.0 01

HDL Cholesterol… 42 mg/dL >39 01
Triglycerides… 65 mg/dL 0-149 01
Cholesterol, Total… 185 mg/dL 100-199 01
Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum… 2.9 pg/mL 2.3-4.2 01
TSH… 1.030 uIU/mL 0.450-4.500 01
Testosterone, Serum…421 ng/dL 241-827
T4,Free(Direct)… 1.37 ng/dL 0.61-1.76 01

I purchased this panel from

I’m guessing the E2 numbers are causing the lack of morning wood. My DHEA is very low; according to my research may indicate adrenal gland issues. I drink 4 cups of coffee a day, which could be a problem. Could the DHEA issue cause T numbers to be low? What are optimal numbers for Free T and Total T for a 40 yr.? Isn’t my T3 very low, even though it falls in the range of avg? Thanks in advance for you help…

Here’s a description of the panel I purchased…

Life Extension Weight Loss Panel (Male)

* Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
* Lipid Profile
* Complete Blood Count
* Free Testosterone
* Total Testosterone
* Estradiol
* C-Reactive Protein
* Homocysteine
* Free T4
* Free T3 

E2=33 will be causing issues, all the more compared to your [low] FT=10.3

Homocysteine is elevated. Call LEF and have one of there staff doctors talk to you about that. Search for "Homocysteine " on

T production can be rate limited by low DHEA. You need to supplement that ASAP. Your cortisol might also be low and you should think about how and when you feel out of energy.

Pregnenolone production in the testes might be low which can rate limit DHEA production. Your cholesterol numbers are good and high enough that pregnenolone is not rate limited by cholesterol.

If LH/FSH are low, then it is possible that prolactin is contributing to HPTA repression. You also need to review your meds, Rx and OTC for problem drugs.

Thanks KSman for your response…Does taking DHEA orally cause increased levels of estrogen? I definitely don’t want that…I don’t take any meds (zero)…Based on my performance in the gym I was pretty confident about my health…But these tests have caused concerns…Can you tell me what’s an optimal level for FT? Does any of those numbers hint adrenal gland issues (my bad coffee habit)? My T3 numbers seem very low…Thanks again.

As far as adrenal issues go, we know that DHEA is very limited, so other things could be too. Caffeine and lifestyle can stress the adrenals. Depends on how you feel. A 4 sample saliva cortisol test would be illustrative. Compounding pharmacies have these, often without an Rx. I do not know if LEF has such. When you talk to the LEF doctor, also discuss the DHEA. The LEF doctor will have access to the lab report.

Much depends on what doctors are willing to do about your T levels. Most of them will not think that DHEA means anything. An endo might.

T3 is about 10% under mid range. T4 is good. You might not be converting T4–>T3 as well as one could. If T is low, this can effect thyroid and visa versa. So this might sort it self out a bit if you can get the T and DHEA situation changed. Your THS is a bit low. That can partly lower LH, T and FSH, those systems are somewhat linked.

Have you read the injection protocol post that I made?

Do you get much sunlight?
Taking vitamin D?
Fish oils or other EFAs?
Other healthy fats?
Any pain/ache in your testes?