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New Test for Steroids Is Devised




This reminds me of a story I heard. I was told in '96 the Australian lifting team was staying at the OTC in Colorado Springs to prepare for the games in Atlanta. One day, after Stefan Botev was finished training in his usual balls-out style, someone handed him a newspaper with a story about either some new test they had developed, or how much more effective they had made the testing program or something to this extent. Botev reads it, then crumples up the paper and throws it down and yells, "HOW THE FUCK DO THEY EXPECT US TO BREAK WORLD RECORDS!" Ahhh, thats funny, the whole thing is stupid.


They might have a new test, but in the last year there are three brand new designer molecules. Plus there are two brand new masking compounds that can cover the metabolite tracks of every molecule except nandrolone and stanazolol. They can try, but they will never win.


Part of me hates designer drugs... and part of me says...

Imagine how sick it would be to see someone run a sub 3 minute mile.


I would be unfuckingbelievable.