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New Test Cycle


Hey guys, quick background:
I'm a personal trainer at golds gym and eventually want to compete NPC. Need to get my mass up, already put on a fair amount naturally but looking to compete in the future and have decided to use gear. Started as a 120 pound cross country runner in highschool and have put on over 30 pounds with bf at 4.1%. Leanness is simply genetics.

Here's a pic of my rear double bi to show my progress, I would post legs but I'll admit my quads are 20" and need SERIOUS work. I hit em with heavy leg presses, front squats, and throw in heavy lunges high volume so they're slowly growing. I know I'll get shit for not posting a wheel pic so I'll upload one later tonight.

Read a lot of different opinions on steroid cycles. I'd like to think I've been informed pretty well, and as I'm in the training business a lot of friends/clients use or have used. Note that I"m gyno prone and have started to see some acne on traps/chest, not bad but it's there. I want to obviously protect these from recurring. What would you recommend for a first cycle? 500mg test en? cyp? sust? Should I stack with dbol or anadrol? And should i use HCG or nolva on cycle? I appreciate the help.


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I second that


BBB covered the roids part.

There is no legs without back squats. Heavy, below parallel, back squats.


I don't, however, second that.
Don't get me wrong, I'm the guy in the gym that everyone gawks at and goes "Why is his ass touching his ankle? That can't be healthy?!"
But i also know that for all of my highschool football career, i basically did front squats and deadlifts (sumo stance), and it all transferred over into my back squat.

OP, DO BACK SQUATS. But, if it hurts enough, (as it did for a large portion of my life due to lower back issues from football), then start with front squats.


Thx for the advice guys, I do like to back squat but for some reason feel I get a lot from front squats, since I"m actually hamstring dominant. But for overall growth I know back squats are where it's at.


Extremely false.


Ok, care to argue?

I know, some people get huge legs from leg pressing and other stuff. Most people don't.