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New Terminator Salvation Trailer!




I know that's a NIN tune they're using, but it must be a remix of some kind, any ideas?

Kick ass trailer.


I believe it's The Day the World Went Away, which was probably remixed for the movie or at least the trailer.


I came.


I tried to post this last night but couldn't figure out how to embed it. The first few trailers I saw had me a bit skeptical. This one completely erases all doubts. This movie looks so badass I don't know what to do with myself for the next two months. John Connor for president!


my thoughts exactly. i was starting to doubt bale's ability to save this movie. not anymore.

my immediate reaction went something like this:







I was definitely worried simply because McG is a fucking hack. The trailer has definitely made me more optimistic.

I'm digging how not shiny and gritty the terminators look. I was definitely expecting some fairly poorly done, super-shiny, obviously cg terminators. I'm glad they aren't.


Look bad-ass, indeed!


my nipples just got hard.