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New Terminator: Salvation 4 Minute Clip



At first I thought it was a straight cut from the movie, but it's more like an extended movie preview.

It's looking better than I first thought, though I wouldn't think Christian Bale would sign onto something incredibly crappy.




pg 13? :frowning:


If its not directed by Zach Snyder or Sylvester Stallone...it will be PG-13. I've pretty much have accepted that...but this will still be awesome...AND at least help forget about T3.


I really wouldn't be worried about the rating. Think about what they put in rated R films these days (over the top gore and violence, full frontal male nudity, etc). They are using that 'sci-fi violence' tag with movies like this more and more.

I think it was said before, but if they re-released T2 now, you could make an argument that it could pass for PG-13. Except for the swearing, an episode of Sarah Connor has about as much violence and blood in it.


True...odd enough,Wolverine could have been considered rated-R not too long ago....even with no blood :expressionless:


Exactly! I have to believe that the lack of blood in Wolverine was a conscious decision to get a lower rating, and therefore increase your audience. It all comes down to how much money they think the movie can make.


Yep..and Fox Studios does it more blatantly than anybody. edit And to think that they originally wanted to bring Zach Snyder on board to direct X-Men:Last Stand and Wolverine. HA!


I jizzed in my pants.


Where is Terry Crews!?


Looks awesome, but I have a geeky continuity question to ask...

When you see glimpses of the future in the previous Terminator movies, its always dark outside. I believe, but am not 100% certain, that in one of the movies they mention that the nukes caused nuclear winter and blocked out the sun (I'm not confusing it with "The Matrix" I don't think).

Why is it all sunny in this one?


it looks like a pretty badass movie


I don't remember the nuclear winter thing in the Terminator movies, but it was in the Matrix.

Maybe the glimpses of the future just happened to take place at night. Plus maybe the director thought it'd add to the gloom of the future vs something happening on a sunny day.


In the first Terminator movie Kyle Reese says that they usually only move around at night, because it's harder for the machines to see them. That's why the future stuff in the first movies were always dark.

What I want to know is...where are the laser guns they were using in the future in the first movie? Why are they just using M-16s in the preview?

Of course, Bale does say in the preview that "something has changed" so who knows how they will explain that.


I already know how it ends because i read the plot summary a few months ago(wish i didn't) and based on that this one will be awesome but the one after it will be ridiculously godsend, Bale signed for 3 movies by the way.


I like T2 just as much as the next guy, but 1 and 3 both sucked. Now we're going to have to deal with 6 total? Seems like overkill.


Common is in this?! He can act as much as my ironing board.

Wonder how much disbelief I'm going to have to suspend now that the Terminator universe is so twisted... still worth watching though for the ridiculous CGI.

Hope Bale's swearing tirade is slipped in as an Easter egg on the DVD or in the outtakes at the end lol


the 1st did not suck


How can you like T2 without liking the original!?


Bill Paxton has a message for you at 0.30s