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New Term I Coined: Masscular


I see my favorite word "masscular" has not made its debut on T-Nation forums. Well, I want to introduce you all to it here today.

Muscular guys have petite little bodies; they wear tight t-shirts and do a lot of biceps curls. Masscular guys can't hardly fit into their t-shirts, resemble a brick shit house and can squat a Sherman tank.

Some guys want to get muscular, and that's super. I don't want to get muscular; I want to get fucking masscular.

P.S. I coined this word. No really, I did. Search it.


well, your stats say 235 @ 6"2, and that aint nothin MASScular.

PS. your gay.


I think your new term is craptasticular




Wow, tough crowd.


Clearly you misunderstand my objective, let us have another look: "I want to get fucking masscular."


objective understood ; )



235 at 6'2" isn't masscular?

Shit, I guess I got my idea about huge messed up.


Sounds kinda gay...and yea, somethin's wrong with that.


You know you're going to be using it in the gym today.


235 at 6'2" can be HUGE.
Arnold was 228 at 6'1" - 6'2" at the 1975 Mr. Olympia when Pumping Iron was filmed. I know many sources claim 235, but 228 is what Arnold told "Oui!" magazine in 1977.


You're right, I mean those were only Arnold's exact numbers in the '75 Olympia.


I tried getting mangina to catch on by using it a couple times, but when it didn't I threw a big tizzy. It turns out that just by using the word I got a bad case of it.

It's hard to make up new words.

Next one is going to be Laryngina- Thats when you say something that makes you sound like a twat.


ha, squat a sherman tank... what a wassbag.

m1 abrams... diff story.


i wanna be extra super dooper fucking muscular squared! haha


Well, that's basically what masscular is.


It does have a certain VitoSpataforeness to it.


Stop trying to make 'masscular' happen.

(For goodness' sake, a MEAN GIRLS quote is effective against it--that really doesn't bode well for its shelf life.)


Fine, but FETCH is happening.


Let me help out MattFarlick. Only 3 correct uses of "Masscular" or "mascular" in the English language:

  1. To be only said by a woman:
    Oh my gosh! It's so big and ... masscular.

  2. To be used only by lame guys in bars:
    Drunk Woman in bar: Well, I kind of like my men to be a man's man -- you know very masculine.
    Man: Well... I consider myself to be a mascular kind of guy...

  3. To be only used by gay bodybuilders:
    Gay BB1: You're looking pretty masscular today!
    Gay BB2: Right on, man!

There may be other correct usages out there, but I can't think of any more right now.