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New Teenage Member

Hey everybody. I just signed up to T-Nation after lurking around here for a while, really because I want to hold myself accountable. I started training about a year and a half ago now, but was always on and off, and had severe training program ADD. Recently though, I’ve begun to take this more seriously, and have really started training and eating proper now.

Hence the accountability. I’ve always been one who gets bored or gives up on activities way too easily, and I’ll be damned if I do the same with this. So now that I’ve signed up, I’m probably going to start a log in a few days, and will also be posting new pictures and stats every now and then. I honestly don’t care if anyone notices or cares about them, I just want to have something up here that’ll make me accountable for what I do in the next few months and years so I stick with this and do well.

Start (Today) stats:

Age: 14
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 163 pounds
Arms: 15 inches flexed
Chest: 41 inches
Thighs: 23.5 inches
Calves: 15 inches

Pic is of me, and it’ll make a good ‘before’. Now I just need to get me some good ‘afters’.

You’ve been lurking around here already, so you know what a Gold Mine this place.

Welcome to the posting side.


Welcome! Be consistent, and you’ll be able to upload some amazing “after” pictures :slight_smile:

You could try a program like WS4SB that allows for a lot of variety without changing gears all the time.