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New TeamStaley Giveaway

Okay, I have not been here in awhile so it is time to give away something that I think is pretty cool. It is my birthday this week and because of it 1 of you is going to get a pretty cool gift. My great boss Charles Staley is allowing me to give 1 of you a coveted seat to the upcoming Boot Camp October 31st at our facility in Las Vegas. This is the one with Charles,Pavel,Dan Johns and more. WE will also be giving away some pretty cool products and we always hang out afterwards,plus you will take home a trick or treat bag full of cool stuff! You have to get there, as well as get a room but the seat is free!! For some of you who live in AZ ,NV or CA that is not much of a drive so who ever may be interested in this please post here. I will pick after my bday on Sunday so look for the winner on MONDAY AUG 30th-JULIANNE

I’d love to go!

I’ll be in Vegas that weekend working the Olympia. It’s perfect timing for me. Nothing better than to spend an extra day learning from the best in the industry!

… and Happy Birthday!


I am already signed up for this Bootcamp and it is going to kick ass!

It is in Vegas (can you say fun!), the Olympia is going on the two days before the Bootcamp (lots of cool stuff there!), and the Bootcamp is simply going to rock.

The presenters at this Bootcamp will rock! Pavel, Josh Henkin, Charles Staley, Dan John, and Keats Snideman are all amazing coaches and will put on quite a show!

Julianne gave me a little heads up on some of the giveaways at this and they are pretty impressive!

I have been looking forward to the camp for some time now.

Not to mention Vegas will be pretty damn cool too!

By the way Jules, happy birthday!

Here you go-Consider me officially entered for the drawing! Of course though, this is just in case I don’t win the constest. Sounds like fun. And Julianne, you are the Marketing Queen. I am excited even at the opportunity to go.


I am amazed that more people have not signed up for this yet!

Happy Birthday J! You are indeed, like someone else said, the Marketing Queen. Wasn’t that a song from the '70s by some group from Sweden?

Pick me, pick me. This does look like a kick ass boot camp.

Happy Birthday! I live in Denver but I have no problem getting to Vegas.

Count me in!

I guess this counts as a ‘sign up’

Sign me up. I would love to go. And yes, Happy Birthday!

I’m already there! Staley’s personal coaching group is awesome. Thanks to coach Staley and Julianne for all their help.

Almost forgot, Happy Birthday Julianne!

I would like to be considered.

This would be AWESOME! And I will be in phoenix during that time, sweet. Can’t wait to see who wins. My birthday is this saturday, hmm wouldn’t that be a nice gift?

Hey, please enter me as well! It gives me the perfect excuse to get away for a much needed vacation!

Happy Birthday Julianne!
I would love the oppertunity to attend the seminar. I was going to purchase a seat but with unexpected car problems I could no longer afford it. A free seat would be a Great birthday present to me.

Thanks and I hope you have a great birthday. Thad

I will be in Vegas around that time hopefully I get picked, Anyways happy birthday.

P.S. sign me in

Julianne - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
This is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you what a beautiful person you are inside and out. At a time like this it is only a person such as yourself…fun loving, warm, smart and completely dedicated to providing happiness for others, that can make us realize we have much more to strive for in our personal lives.
If I were not married I would spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy and complete as you have made others. Thank you for your generosity and dedication.

A little kissing up never hurts, right?

Happy Birthday!!!

Oh, I would be interested in the seat too.

please post here if you want to be in on the giveaway- no need to email me as I am choosing from this thread only. And thanks though for the birthday wishes-Julianne

In case Tizokey’s losing a small child’s worth of fat relegates me to second place in the contest, I would like to be considered entered in this contest.

Thanks Jules. And if you pick me, you can punch me in the arm all you want. Ill even let you kick me in the groin.