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New Tattoo. Ideas?


Hey guys,

I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo. This will be my first one so I want to make sure it's something I really like and will be able to enjoy for the rest of my life. I think I've finally decided what I want and I wanted to get some input from everyone here.

Here is a link to the tattoo I want:

Feel free to post your own tattoos as well!


Holy christ, that's the worst idea I've ever seen. Whoever did that is a moron, and I hope it's not you, lol.

This thread has to be a joke, right?


I like the Bart Simpson version better.


HI!! that looks like great idea i luv cats :wink:

Here is pic of me and my tatoo hope u enjoy http://j4cbo.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/d2/d2669af143d74d61736694cbdfeda112716520af.jpe


shizen I can't access that link. I get a 'Forbidden: You don't have access' error code. :frowning:

Please post a new link I am very excited to see tattoos!!


You could be very original and get a star tattoo.LOL.

Anyway, I think you should get something else, but definately not that. preferably on your arm chest or back (places I want tatoos, forearm might be good too). I have a star on my left pec, which looks good, and will look good when I bulk upa big more, and gain some descnet muscle mass (a few years I'd say).

My next tattoo will be a half sleeve for bits of film that I choose, literally take a photo of a bit of a film and print it off, then give to the artist. You shpould get a tattoo of something you like, something you will want on you for the rest of your life. I'm getting my tattoo because I love film, I'm doing a film course, and will hopefully get somewhere in the industry when I'm older, so I won't regret my next tattoo.

Do something you want, and enjoy, hobbies, films. Just make it original, as I love my tattoo and don't regret it, I hate it when I see someone else (emos!) with star tattoos.


hop dis helps :wink:


That kids a fag!

I really hope that this actually isn't you.


hah ofcourse not, I was just following the ops theme.


I have a link on my whole experience with a tattoo.

Can't find it.


That cat has nothing on my friends tat. Its elmer fudd on his ass, with his gun pointing towards his asshole saying "come out of that hole you little wabbit."


This is a blog I follow about weird tattoos, extreme piercings, body modification, branding, scarification, ect. It's pretty cool, but there are some things that will hurt your mind.


Seriously, there are some really fucked up things. Enjoy!


The cat is awesome.

I want to get a tattoo of a butt, with a butt shaped tattoo. And I am going to get it on my butt.


That was a great episode. They couldn't even sit down


Here's the REALLY fucked up stuff. Sort of "that's just fucking gross, but I can't stop looking." These are the genital modifications:


If you want a preview, I'll just say that it IS possible to put your penis through your sack...


Don't do it. Don't get a tattoo. Your pole vaulting coach will kill you !!!


I've had enough throwing up in my mouth for one day.



I am very serious when I say DO NOT scroll all the way down on that second page. There's things that are supposed to stay inside their bodies, yet that person obviously begs to differ.

I don't think I'm ever eating again.


Check out some of the responses posted to these photos.

It's very interesting how most of the people respond to muscle more than the tattoos. And I never thought of bodybuilding as "body modification."

Also interesting is the amount of respect people profess for bodybuilders and their dedication.


The best advice I can give you is to never get a tattoo for the sake of just wanting a tattoo. You should get one because a certain idea/design you had in mind is something you would really like to get as a tattoo.

I have entirely too many myself, but there isn't a single one on me that I got just for hell of it.