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New Tactic to Save Androgens

We know the media can only report on steroids and androgens in one way. Androgens bad! Androgens dangerous! There’s also one other thing we can rely on the media for. GW Bush bad! Right?

But now GW Bush has joined in and he’s saying “Androgens dangerous!” too. [sarcasm]How can that be? Everything GW Bush says is bad. GW Bush is only interested in big business. GW Bush hates the little man.[/sarcasm]

So let’s use that to our advantage. Somehow we need to convince the media that GW wants to ban androgens to hurt the little guy and let the giant pharmaceutical companies profit at our expense. [sarcasm]The Republicans have been lying to us all this time. The real reason GW wants to ban androgens is because he knows they have a lot of utility in treating all the ailments TC outlined in “Medicinal Steroids”. GW wants to protect the drug companies’s ability to create drugs for these ailments because androgens aren’t profitable. Somehow the public has to be informed of how the Republicans and GW are screwing them again! [/sarcasm]

If we can convince the media this is the case, then maybe they’ll do some REAL research and publicize the real benefits of androgens before its too late. Or not.

this may be a stupid question, but why aren’t androgens profitable for drug companies?

The pharmaceutical companies cannot patent naturally occuring substances, hence it’s very hard to make money on them. That’s why you don’t see bottles of testosterone, you always see proprietary substances like t. enanthate, t. cypionate, etc. When it’s naturally occurring, the best they can do is either patent something similar that works the same, or patent a unique process for making it.

(By the way, I do not think the big pharma are evil; they’re just playing the hand that was dealt them by big government.)