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New Tablets. Can You Swallow?


Hi, I am getting ready to buy the new Spike and notice it's huge! The previous version is "soft tab" and this one is "hard tab." I was wondering if anyone having hard time/discomfort swalloning them?



if that's a HUGE tablet, you must be 140lbs at 6' and ready to start cutting


Actually, the original Spike formula was encapsulated, whereas the improved formula is in tablet form and easier to swallow.


Well, actually, I was having hard time swalloning some vitamin pills. They have edges like this new Spike and sometime they got "stuck" in my thoat and it hurt like hell...then I got a sore thoat due to it.

Mod Brian, thanks, I am going to give it a try.


With the new tablet,you can take a knife and split them in half. Try that.


Just chew it! (j/k)


I did that to an advil when I was younger b/c I couldn't swallow pills at the time, disgusting I must say


hmm...i might try that. Just crush it in my month and wash it down with juice or something sweet...IF I can't swallon it without any discomfort to my thoat. :slight_smile: