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New T2Pro

I am extremely pumped about the possibilities of the New T2Pro. If someone could answer this though, I am about to begin a mass cycle of 70 sprays of Androsol per day, along with Tribex, and ZMA. My diet and training are in line as per T-mag recommendations (ie Massive Eating, Ian King Programs). Get to the point right! What would be the benefit of using T2Pro during this cycle if any or should I utilize this just during a cutting cycle?

I would not use it during a “mass” cycle. T2 Pro would elevate your metabolism, making it more difficult to put on muscle. If you just wanted to gain a couple of pounds and keep a lot of fat off while bulking, it could work, but that’s the premise of Massive Eating, which you’re already doing. However, you could also use the same supps w/ T2Pro on a cutting cycle to preserve muscle. Good luck, and I hope I answered your question.