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New T-Therapy Book Recommendation

I know I may be a bit out of my lane here posting in this section, but I have some info on a new book that’s coming out this year that may be of interest to some of the guys in this forum so here goes. Especially those interested in HRT.

I recently got hold of an advanced readers copy of “Testosterone For Life” by Abraham Morgentaler, M.D. I’ve only paged through it briefly but it looks pretty good. Dr. Morgentaler is an Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School and has been studying T for ~30 years. The book covers the symptoms of low T, explains the endocrine system in somewhat plain English, talks about getting your T levels tested, treatment options, risks of HRT, side effects, info about HRT and prostate cancer, and a bit on the future of T. I think he does a good job dispelling some myths about T as well.

Again, I haven’t read the entire thing in detail, but it looks pretty good. And it’s nice to see someone with a distinguished background writing a book on something only approached by new-age healers and the like. Maybe this will help more men get help with low-T and maybe help the public and maybe even Washington start to see T and other anabolics for what they are, and not evil knife-wielding hormones.

Looks like it will be available at Amazon among other places Dec08. http://www.amazon.com/Testosterone-Life-Recharge-Muscle-Overall/dp/0071494804/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218077312&sr=1-1

Dr. Morgentaler is my MD. He is a good guy and is a pioneer in the field.

Are you about to go on HRT?

Not sure if you were asking me or the 2nd guy that posted. I’m not going on HRT. My gf works for a publishing company that is running an article of Dr. Morgentaler’s in one of their journals and he sent her a copy of the book so I’ve been checking it out.

Oh, cool.

I’m waiting for the book by KSman here to get printed. A lot of doctors will be blown away and hopefully educated on how to do HRT/TRT the right way.
If you’re not familiar with him, search for his posts here on T-Nation.