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New t-shirt?

Is the t-shirt (the one with the cool TS shaped symbol) that Bio-test is displaying with their grow bar special available for separate purchase?

Nope. They are not for sale. They’re free. We’ll be giving them away for special Biotest deals (like the one going on now for members of T-Nation) and for those who participate in product testing/challenges. We’ll also give them away for other things, like maybe those who attend T-mag sponsored seminars etc, but you can’t buy one. Sorry, but they are free. (How weird does that sound?)

Stupid T-Mag and their stupid free stuff. You suck :wink:

Damnit. And I just spent over $200 a couple of weeks ago to get the free Grow! Bars then. Now it’s only $150 AND you get a free shirt. I agree. Stupid T-Mag and their stupid free stuff. :slight_smile: