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New T-Radio Coming Today!


Tune in later today for a new D-Tap audio interview! This one will feature a brand new chat with Chad Waterbury. Topics include training frequency and mixed martial arts.

To listen to any of our 17 previous audio features, just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.


Definitely looking forward to this. Chad's first audio interview on here was really good and I'm excited to hear him talk about MMA and training in this interview.


Great to get another D-Tap. I really like this feature of T-Nation.

Chad surely is hooked on this MMA-Thing...looking forward to it.


Nice, I'm ready


Very cool, I cant wait.

BTW: A little offtopic, but CW said that he used to train bjj. Does anyone know who he trained under?



Anybody know what conditioner he uses?


Cool, looking forward to it. Ive listened to all 17 so far. I think I might of even listened to a few of them a couple times? cant remember.



This will be good!


Any plans for this and the other T-Nation Radio broadcasts to be 'podcast' or mp3'd and available in iTunes or similiar? That would be a nice addition to the website features.


Interested in seeing what CW has to say on martial arts training!


I agree completely.

I mean, they just need to be downloadable in mp3 format, they don't need to go through the hassle of becoming a "podcast" or getting on iTunes.


This interview is now up! Check it out in our Media & Art section!