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New T-Radio Coming Today!


Tune in Monday for a killer new D-Tap audio interview! This one will feature sought after performance enhancement specialist and T-Nation contributor, Joe DeFranco!

Topics include: Genetic freaks, poseur strength coaches, fat bar work, and the missing training element that Joe says everyone should be incorporating into their program!

To listen to any of our sixteen previous audio features, just go to the "Media & Art" section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.


Looking forward to it!


This should be good, DeFranco seems like a no-nonsense guy so he'll shoot straight on whatever they ask him in the interview. His training programs are very good, too.


It's about time!! I have been waiting for something new from Defranco on this site. Awesome.
Can't wait,


But when are you going to interview someone who looks like they lift?


Is Joe about to pump out a set of Power Rack Curls in that photo!?


Looking forward to the interview.


When is this going to be posted?


I thot defranco looked good and sounded good on an episode of fit.tv's insider training when he was training jim finn of the Giants. not a long episode but makes me want to hear what he has to say.


First three words say "Tune in Monday", dumbass.


Well I meant when on Monday, dumbass!

...Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I just forgot what day it was. As always, I'm... a dumbass.


it happens to the best of us, and here's a gratuitous "dumbass" for the hell of it


OK, so it's Monday and I don't see the Joe D Double Tap up yet.




That was awesome.

I hope Miles Austin shows up on the NFL Network's coverage of the combine.


The new audio has been posted!