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By now, you've probably noticed that you see a new Splash plate when you log onto Testosterone Nation.

We did it because we have about a thousand new people joining Testosterone Nation every day, along with thousands of new visitors.

However, first-timers to the site often don't know what the heck they've stumbled on. They don't know if we're animal, vegetable, or mineral.

They may figure out we've got articles to read, but then they often don't realize that we're also a store.

Now, with the new splash plate, they'll hopefully get an idea before they even set foot in the Biotest store or the Mega-Site.

Likewise, they may read the intro on the splash plate and realize that maybe, just maybe, we're a little too hard core for them. That's fine, too.

If we appealed to everybody, we'd be in trouble.

Anyhow, if you're a regular visitor or member, just bookmark the Mega-Site and you'll never have to look at the Splash Plate again if you don't want to.



Its strange, sometimes I get the splash plate and sometimes I just go to the T-Nation homepage as usual.


Great idea. This page is so huge. Warn the newcomers before they get lost. :slight_smile:


If you go to t-nation.com or www.t-nation.com proper, you will get the splash. If you go to t-nation.com/index.do or index.jsp. you will go to the site. Just depends on how your pages / sites are cached.

Ideally, this page is seen by first-time visitors to the site only. Once you're in here, most people will probably bookmark t-nation.com/index.do.


who's body is that TC?


Pretty cool in my opinion. A little teensy weensy bit like Bodybuilding.com, Which is a good thing in my opinion.

I love how you can see the number of articles and threads and posts, pretty cool. Great job once again.


Great Job to everyone involved, gives the whole thing some swagger.


Cool, I never saw it until just now (for reasons that LowfatMatt mentioned).

I think it's definitely a good idea.


yeap, I saw it the other day when I used a different puter...




"where men are free to be men. It's where the noble aspects of Testosterone rule."

I dig it...


I like the tribal symbol at the bottom w/ "WELCOME HOME" after it. That part is very cool. It is good for newcomers.


Tobey Maguire

(That was supposed to quote "Who's body is it?" It was a joke that I flubbed horribly because I pressed reply instead of quote.)


Extremely well done page, torso shot is perfect counterpoint to the text(No "mens Health" abby's..."Yucky Veins" rule!) Making it clear that muscle and intellect can co-exist smashes the "meathead" stereotype from the start, this alone sets us a cut above all the rest...


This makes a good first impression.


From what I understand, you will get better search engine results if you where have the text "TESTOSERONE NATION is a place where chemists...." not image based, but actual text. The first 250 words on the default page is what most engines look at.


I don't know, but I'll try to find out.


I thought the same thing... have I stumbled upon bodybuilding.com?

I understand the rationality behind it though and I like the site description ^^

Smart thinkin!


I love the new splash plate. Could you make it into a desktop wallpaper?

Ilove the size of the TESTOSTERONE NATION banner, it jacks me up every time I look at it. And it would be cool to have a permanent reminder of our beliefs every time I switch on my computer.

Off Topic; any word on Anaconda yet?

Great work guys.



Taking a screen shot would probably be easiest. If you don't know how, tell me what OS you are using and I'll PM you instructions.

Either that or I can make one real easy from the art.