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New T-Nation Logo?


anyone else see the T-Nation logo on the front page? I just saw it and I have to say.... Imma lookin aaaaaand imma likin!

Anyone know if there are plans for clothing with this new image or stickers or anything? (stickers would be pretty sick. Id put one on my nalgene bottle)


Its kinda got that Affliction style graphic tee look. are they (Biotest) gonna come out with a series of these style logos/graphics or just this one?



Um, hopefully they don't come out with shirts. And if they do, shame on them. Because it reminds me exactly of something like Affliction. Anyone who wears those shirts can go to hell.

The only way I'd wear a shirt with that logo is if it was a palm-sized crest on the upper left hand chest area.


Is that similar to a masonic thing? like the 33 degree or something?

ut oh, someone may come kill me now...


I'd like a switch to something that's not trying ao hard, like maybe Sweet Marie or puppies or a chimp on a tricycle with roses for his ma.


For reference:


sorry, Google is aparently from RUSSIA!!!! They don't have any pics where the chimp has roses for his ma for fuckssakes.


Wow, didn't see that (usually have my browser left open to the Forums). I'd definitely be sporting a few t-shirts if they were available (I could add them to my Biotest 'collection' dating back about 10 years now!)



The logo is okay. Doesn't really stand out from all the similar ones out there.

I'd never wear a shirt with it on there. Nothing against T-Nation. It's just that I don't wear shirts as billboards... especially if I paid for it.


I'd love to an Iron Dwarf-produced logo.




WHOA! Not produced THAT way!

You know what? Now that you make me think about it, his floppy avatar right now may just be the perfect logo.


Now all we need is a way to make it flop on a t-shirt and it's time to invade Planet Fitness.


True story alert:

Speaking of logos and related artistry. I was scrolling down past one of ID's posts at work at the exact same time someone decides to walk into my office. I keep the window minimized so I can check on the down low from time to time. As she walks in, I quickly try to X out of the window, miss the mark, and maximize to full screen. Fucking wonderful. I have this sinking feeling my coworkers think I'm into gay porn now.


Could have been better. Could have been an ID/WormwoodTheory discussion.


I can haz an EPS of the logo please?


looks slightly communist


Looks... nice.




not enough 6's