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New T-Muscle Super Program - MDS?



As eluded to a previous article on the subject of mechanical drop sets for arms, may I be so impatient as to ask if MDS is what's being released?

If so, awesome. I'm currently in week 7 of the MDS program and I had the best gains in strength and size since the first time I first lifted a barbell.



I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that MDS will be a part of it. If we’re paying attention to what CT has been saying it will definitely incorporate some rest pause lifts, probably with some form of clusters (emphasizing the bottoms up aspect of the cluster sets). But I’m really looking forward to how he’s going to put together the different specialization aspects of those technique combinations and even more the methods that he’s been incorporating to manage CNS fatigue.

Oh, and I hear there’s going to be something about incorporating a para workout protocol in with it all.

Anyone want to take bets on when it’s all going to come out? I’m putting the over/under at July 25th. I’ll take the over, but just slightly…


If I remember correctly, it’s a third of the program.