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My older brother was in town from Michigan this weekend. We had two good workouts together on Saturday and Sunday. He usually works out in his basement by himself and even though it's pretty well equiped he isn't able to enjoy the general intensity of a gym. So I think us working out together was a good thing. I definitely enjoyed having him here, being able to compete with each other and pump each other up.

He was also digging through my latest issue of T-mag I had on the coffee table over weekend. Ladies and gentlemen I think he's going to put all those f*cking back issues of FLEX on the shelf and get on the T-mag wagon.

 For your information, Flex IS one of the best bodybuilding magazines in circulation.

 ...Why, you can't beat Flex sheets for toilet paper. Where else do you get to get your ass cleaned by the weirdest bodybuilders out there?

 So, here's to YOU Flex, and the deeds you do. Because when somebody needs their ass wiped, you're there.


While Flex is nothing more than a fetishist's fantasy magazine (along with a really smooth toilet paper :), one thing I think that we tend to forget is how many people get turned on to the world of strength training by these magazines.

It'd be interesting to see a show of hands of all who started off reading these magazines.


Jared: I began reading FLEX in late, 1983.

I even still have the issue with Tom Platz on the cover (from 1986, I believe); he even autographed it. Miss them old, but good Rick Wayne articles. Damn.

Ironman mag was my preference waaay back then, too. Better training articles. Of course, that's all changed now.


I call flex the magazine for the discriminating steroid abuser. Yes, when I started bodybuilding, I used to read them. I stopped reading them when ronnie coleman states that he does 7-8 sets of each of his leg exercises and never gets tired. Oh, did I mention his rep range of 10-12. He also stated that his philosophy is high reps with maximum weight.


US=GG, I love the "high reps with maximum weight". Kind of like, "Well, if I can get my PR once, why not 10 to 12 times in a row?"

And since I asked, yes, these magazines were an integral part of my lifting childhood. But now, just like watching an episode of the cartoon He-Man, these things make me laugh.

Hope this isn't a double post. I just got one of those fancy screens where I had to log in, even though it still said Welcome, Jared NFS. :slight_smile:


I love the captions in thier pictures.

You have a bodybuilder in sunglasses, cutoff cammie pants and Timberlands doing cable rows and the caption says something like;

"(insert Weider athlete here) knows that cable rows are crucial for a beastly upper back!"

Granted, these guys are enormous, but all they do is work on their body. The clincher for me was one of the latest issues. I remember reading a diary on Titus and it said he did his AM workouts at 10:00am so he can rest
during the afternoon and he can have a full tank for his PM workout. I thought to myself, "this guy doesnt have a fucking job? What about the regular guy who isn't on gear and is actually working at 10:00am?"




Brad, it's kind of funny, but I remember when they posted his schedule, he was getting maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, working out twice a day, and then working (running a gym & personal training) all day long. Must be good genetics to keep a body like his with such a hectic schedule. :slight_smile:


I love pronouns without antecedents. "his" was referring to Kevin Levrone, in case you couldn't read my mind.