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New T-Man!

Well, our first son was born today. Zakery was a healthy boy born at 1am.
Look for him in the 2030 Olympia.


Imagine having T-Nation as a resource from birth…

Olympia? Pssh, that kid looks soft as hell! Don’t worry, some diuretics will cut him up right quick…

Congrats though! I can’t wait to produce a testosterone-laden son of my own. That kid’s gonna be pressing toothpicks with marshmallows stuck on each end from day 1…


That’s a good looking kid brother! May he win glory and honor for himself!



Life will now change as you know it.

Is he walking yet?

I personally wouldn’t lket these little slackers sit around too long without getting them in the weight room. I mean, it been like 9 months already. Don’t you think that’s enough?


Congratulations to you sir!

There will also be a new addition to the house of Bigflamer in late April/early May.

And yes, it does change life as you know it. But for the better!!

Congratulations. My happiest moments were when God blessed me with the birth of my children.

Many happy healthy years to your child!

Can you hold up a little shoe so I can tell his body fat% please.

He is going to have a great before and after pic!

Congratulations, man.


Congratulations maxx, that’s fantastic, you both must be thrilled.


All health and happyness for your new addition…

Welcome to the world of sleep deprivation!

That is great dude!


BTW, How much can he Bench???

What a sweetheart!

Congrats to the proud parents.

Hey, congrats!!!

Congrats!! Good luck and enjoy it! Btw, do they make baby dumbells for for the wee man? I joke, I joke…Congrats bro’