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New T-Mag starting Monday

The new site sounds like it will be fantastic. Thank you to the T-Mag gang for everything - your hard work over the years & your commitment to your readers and Biotest users.

Congratulations to us, the T-Nation. Our patronage and devotion to T-Mag have been rewarded with a newer, better website and more powerful, yet cheaper Biotest supplements.

I’m sure I speak for the thousands of T-Mag customers that read every article, but rarely post in the forum - thanks to everyone at T-Mag that works so hard to provide quality health and fitness info - ABSOLUTELY FREE! I’m sure that all of the T-Nation is spreading the word about T-Mag and Biotest.

Keep up the excellent work guys.

I agree, renoraider75. I’ve learned a ton, hanging out here on the forum and reading the articles. It’s been my home away from home going on two years, now.

The “free” part ain’t half bad, either! (grin)