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New T-Mag Out soon?!

When is the newest paper issue of T-mag coming out?

I’ve got a box of them sitting here beside me right now. That means the subscribers and newsstands will be getting them soon.

They sent me mine last friday with my 10 bottles of MD6. Great issue.

I got one too! Berardi’s new column is worth the price of the mag alone. Great rants from TC and Chris too. I copied them both off at the office today. Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law… or at least office rules about private use of the copy machine. :slight_smile:

Damnit! I just got my MD6, but no T-mag. Hope this won’t turn out to be like the “Grow Bars any day now” thing too …

I’ve seen a site that has Grow Bars. This post probably wont make it to the board though.

Note from Mod: As we’ve said a dozen times, some supplement sites have been advertising Grow! bars for sale but they do not have them. They are taking pre-orders.

Are we waiting for issue 7 or 8. I just got 7 but don’t know if it is the newest one!

When will subscribers have the thing in the mailbox?!?! Sorry but the bodybuilding magazine selection we have between T-mags is piss poor and I need somthing to read!

I second JW when should I see it in the mail?!

Seems the moderator is frustrated :slight_smile: Understandable. I guess we just LOVE Biotest so much we get kinda goofy in anticipation. Whenever they come out I sure am looking forward to it! Especially working in a place that amkes blending shakes inpractical during working hours. The second I see them available…CLICK! and they will be on their way to my house! :slight_smile: