New & T-Levels

I’m essentially a non-bodybuilder but take fitness very seriously - I’ve been spending huge amounts of time just reading and learning an immense amount and am grateful for the resource here. I may get into more serious lifting later, but at this stage that isn’t what I’m focusing on (maybe when I deal with the issue below that will change).

Question is about testosterone levels for a young guy. I plan to start Alpha Male when it arrives this week but am wondering if I might want to do a bit more. I’m considering Androgel, which I’ve used before briefly with fairly mild results. At this point, I’m really not sure I want to do anything more serious than that, but am open to suggestions.

Here are the levels:

T, total: 521 ng/dl
T, free: 112
T, free & weakly bound: 255

Sounds ok right? Except I’m just shy of 22. The lab I used claimed normal t-total range is 241-827… I feel like, based on what I see and hear and how I feel at this level, 1.5x or 2x where I am now would be reasonable at this age. Doctor is totally unhelpful, probably would hit an endo for androgel.

As for diet, sleep, and exercise… I’m confident there aren’t enough bad habits there to account for this (also this is not the only test I’ve had).

Really appreciate any advice

NO!!! To the Androgel unless you plan on taking a LOT and FOREVER!!! It is for replecement will shut you down and one pack wont get you near or above where you are now.

Train hard eat well, get sleep, etc. your 22 yrs old dont PLAY with things like that. Read up learn etc then go from there.

Try the Alpha Male and get all the other duck in a row. Its a LONG journey not an overnight thing NOTHING you take or apply will negate the HARD work needed.

ya thanks… just so i come off as only a three quarters typical-new-guy-ass-asking-about-t, the last andro round was in my teens at advice of endocrinologist with t more like 300. sounds like avoiding that at this point is best for many years. thanks again. (and yeah, i should have searched for androgel before posting…)