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New T-Issue Up!

Be the Hammer by Chris Shugart (Guest Atomic Dog)

OVT: Optimized Volume Training by Christian Thibaudeau

Diamonds in the Rough by John Romaniello

Temporal Nutrition, Part II by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

The Big Woof: The Road to 200 by RJ Elsing

Reader Mail

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Hey John, great article in this issue. Lots of great info and humor; keep up the good work!


Thanks, brother. I’m glad you enjoyed the article! I appreciate the kind words and the feedback. If you or anyone else has any questions about the program, I’m around to help.

Is the new printed issue out yet!

Why did you include a picture of your ass (third frame, donkey raise with belt) and not the hottie’s? What the fuck, dude? I demand that you atone for this glaring omission. Her phone number can be sent to me via PM. Thank you.

I apologize for my transgression; I will send the requested information with all haste.

However, it must be mentioned that my ass is totally sweet.

That is all.