New T-Cell

I’d like to get a T-Cell started in the Florida panhandle. There are a few of us already in the Panama City and Tallahassee areas. South Alabama and Georgia are close enough to our area also. Please post if your interested.

Bump! i noticed this post in a search… i think it would be cool.i only know of one other person from my area, and i’ve yet to meet him.

who else is around?

I’m up in Macon so not really that close but still wanted to tag along this thread to see if anybody else is in the general area.

you guys suck, I just left pensacola a week ago. oh well. good luck to your cell.

I’m here in Panama City Beach…

I’m just south of Daytona in th’ Port. Anybody else nearby?

I’m in Tallahassee. What’s up Seminole Chick? I promise our lifting session will happen soon.
I had a Florida T-Cell going, but it fell apart after a few weeks. Hopefully this one will last and we can get the opportunity to get together for a meeting. Should help that it’s more of a concentrated area.

Cool, nice to see you here Djwlfpack. I didn’t know there was a previous t-cell in the area. (tally). how many folks did you have interested?

Ahh… i used to live in Daytona (south daytona to be exact, but i worked over on the beach in Bernkastel’s, if you haven’t been there you should go! it’s under the Adams Mark HOtel) I was in the Fire Dept. over there in Port Orange (station 12, tamoka farms rd.). much nicer city, IMHO. sorry, wasn’t into body building etc. stuff then so i can’t help you on locals. i didn’t even go to a gym becuase i was so poor then, i just ran around the neighborhood.

if we got enough of us in the nearby area together, perhaps we could convince everyone to meet here in tally. there’s a ton of gyms and other stuff to do. would make for a fun weekend.

-GO NOLES!! :slight_smile: anyone coming to the game this weekend?

I hope your noles can pull it out, since my volunteers are out of contention, it’d be nice to see a friendly rival do well. And you’re right, the Port is a nice little town so far(only been here 4 months).

Yeah! the Noles pulled it off (of course, we knew they would against Wake Forest!!!, hahaha)

have we found anymore florida folks? perhaps we could rename the topic of this post to north florida. is that possible?