New Syringes - Correct Dosage

Hey Guys, would you please tell me at what mark on this new syringe would 150mg?

0.75 mL of 200 mg/mL will get you 150 mg.


What gauge needle are you using to pull in the test C? Oil based will make for a slow draw with a 25 gauge needle.

I use a 29 gauge and can pull .25ml in less than a minute.
I warm up the bottle first with my hands or sit on it. Or between my legs. That takes like 20-30 seconds.

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Thanks Guys for the replies.
I use a 21G to draw with and a 25G to pin.
I pin 2x week (SubQ), Tuesday morning and Friday evening.

29g needle is what I use and its not an issue.

25g for Subq? That’s overkill. Get a 28g or 29g/8mm needles for SubQ. If you go 1/2” you can inject into the VG for a shallow IM, if you decide to get a different absorption rate and experience.