New Surge Workout Fuel + MAG-10

Today at school I’ll be attempting to use my new Surge Workout Fuel (compliments of Tim) and MAG-10 instead of the Anaconda protocol. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I’ll chime in tonight and let you know my findings.

It’s not that I’m out of Ananconda, I just find Anaconda gives me heartburn and I wasn’t sure if an antacid affected absorbtion.

Wish me luck, it’s a leg day.

I’ve seen a few people that appearto be a bit hyper sensitive to the betaAlanine or other extras in the Anaconda. Even just using the Mag-10 should provide a better alternative to simple BCAAs. Should be a nice combo, the SWF and M10,… go tear it up!


that might be good. i find Surge alone to be perfect. no stomach upset and i can consistently “go”.

taking the rest of ANACONDA (1 scoop) and MAG-10 (1 scoop) as a post workout drink (i’m not really the target audience for this stuff and like creatine post anyway).

good luck with the legs

With the new Surge Workout Fuel, I have been using 2 scoops + 3 scoops of MAG-10 half sipped pre half during with 1-2 FINiBARs 60 min pre. Will report results.

Any updates on these protocols guys? I’m thinking of finally taking the plunge and ordering some MAG-10 to go with SWF. Thoughts or experiences?

It’s worked golden for me. I wouldn’t use Surge Recovery and MAG-10 together myself. I’d save one or the other for when I needed it.