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New Surge Flavor: Root Beer


Am I the only one who noticed this? I saw it earlier today for the first time...and 4 or so hours later no one seems to brought it up yet. As far as I'm concerned...this is huge! I LOVE Root Beer.

It's too bad I'm on the anabolic solution diet right now though, otherwise I'd get this stuff ASAP. Let me know how good it is, 'cause I'm sure pleanty of you will be getting it.


ICK!! :frowning: Original is perfect. Can't mess with perfection. They just better not change it!



I like the idea of the new Surge flavors guys. The vanilla had me wanting the original back, but I'm sure the chocolate will be incredible.

I cannot wait to try Root beer... Great flavor choice, I dont know if anyone else has anything like it.

Any new Metabolic Drive flavors in the works?


I am so scared to try Root Beer. Is it like Barqs, A&W or that Trader Joes special brand?

I honestly have to say that the original is still the only flavor I like. Chocolate had its moments. I wanted to try and use it with milk to see how it would taste. Probably make a bomber chocolate milk. Not its purpose but hey, we all try crazy things.


Original is my favorite, but I just placed an order for the Root Beer. Hopefully I'll post a review in a few days.


I was a firm believer in the original formula, but root beer - I'm looking forward to try it.


Hmmm Now mix the rootbeer with the Vanilla, you have an instant rootbeer float flavor :slight_smile:


Thats what I was thinking sort of. I was thinking more the ultimate bulking post workout treat, an actual root beer Surge float. :slight_smile: You could even get fat free ice cream if you wish to not inhibit the fast uptake so much.

Going to have to give it a go :)its a must


Oh OH OH!!!! Vanilla Metabolic Drive with ice and a tad bit of water! Then the root beer Surge. There is your fat free high protein ice SCREAM!


I haven't tried the root beer flavor yet. I think original and chocolate are great.


I wish I'd get some heads up on up and coming products from Biotest. If I knew there was to be a root beer flavor Surge, I'd have waited to put it on my last order... for now.

I have Raspberry waiting
Chocolate and Vanilla Surge on it's way, for a first time test run...
And now you tell me Root Beer Surge is available? Not fair.


If it's anything like Muscle Milk Root Beer Float, then I look forward to receiving my order.


I can't wait until I need to order. I just received my new jug of Chocolate.


Yesterday afternoon I go to Supps and Nutrition thread, look around, and see this thread. I laugh, don't look at it because i think it's a joke like a "WHAT IF" thread, laugh to myself, then continue looking around.

Then I see the ad for the Root Beer flavor, and go into shock.


And then you didn't buy it because you're a level 0.


Okay, I've been slow to try anything other than the tried, true and trusted original, which kicks so much ass I haven't even thought of swaying...

Until now.

I can't in good conscience not try out the rootbeer flavor!


i want to try it!! sounds amazing.. but the shipping to canada is so expensive




I've spent about 150 bucks here and I'm still a level 0. Just saying.

I think it would be great to have some kind of sampler pack. Thirty bucks is pretty steep to buy something sight-unseen so to speak. I thought original was ok but it grew on me a bit. Then I tried raspberry and it was so bad I stopped using Surge all together. Now I'm a bit hesitant to try these other flavors in case they're just as bad as raspberry. I will probably end up getting original again just to be safe.


HOLY SHIT!!! I just clicked on someones "level" just to see what the hell it meant (I haven't been much involved on the board since they added the new features). I didn't even realize I was a level 4. Wow, I'd rather not know how many duckets I've spent lol.