New Supplements on the Way.. One Kink Though

I have Havoc, Anabolic Xtreme’s Perfect Cycle, liver support, Novaldex-d, and Universal’s Animal CUTS on the way.

Original plan was to go with havoc, perfect cycle, and liver support while going big in the gym. Higher weight, lower reps. Then use novaldex for the post cycle, doing higher reps with manageable (not low) weight. Was planning on finishing up with animal cuts, utilizing the liver support through the entirety of both cycles.

Thing is, I just read and article (not here) that mentioned going an entirely different route. It suggested you ought to go with the same weight you’re using at the start and increase the reps as you go, never increasing the weight. They said that the increase in weight comes during the post cycle, when you’ll also lower your reps. Mentioned that this pace gets your body’s hormones back to normal correctly.

Which is correct!?

ANY advice, concerns, questions, etc, are welcome.

First of all

There is no ‘correct’ way to train. Some ways are better than others, depending on your goals.


What is ‘Novaldex-d’? It doesn’t sound like it’s a brand name for tamoxifen citrate.

What is Animal Cuts? Some sort of thermogenic fat burner or whatever? Why are you going to attempt to lose weight (I assume thats what Animal Cuts is used for) after you’ve just gained some mass with an anabolic like Havoc or during PCT (when you plan to use it is unclear)?

Your post is missing a lot of necessary information. Read the stickied threads.


Yah, why not just use epistane afterward if you were in fact going to cut?

Sorry the reply is so late, guys.
In the past when bulking, I’ve taken on the (not so much ‘bloated’) heavy look. Like, heavy in the wrong places, i.e. the face/next, etc. CUTS was just to take that residual mass that hadn’t been converted to clean mass in my bulking cycle and get rid of it… after the PCT.
It is tamoxifen citrate. Typo there - Nolvadex. Sorry.

Epi was one route, but I decided to go the Nolva way.