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New Supplement

Is anybody else here a child of the 80’s and only see this when looking at the ad for Red Kat?

One of my old time favorites. They should think about changing the name to Thunder Kat. Hot Rox will be released on March 10, any word on Red Kat or the fatty acid supp.

I thought the same thing when i first saw it.
:slight_smile: Groove

Thundercats is one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Not only do I rock a T-Cats sticker in the rear window of my car, I considered getting the logo tattooed to me.

I still own my Thunder Tank, although it is now packed away. However, I do have several Thundercats t-shirts I wear regularly. Long live Nerdom.

 I used to LOVE thunder cats when I was a kid!!!!
 Thunder.... thunder!....thundercats!!! ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


“Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats, ho!”

Where’s Snarf?

Sorry guys. He-Man is still king.

I discovered the new Biotest ad campaign…

hahaha MBE that is funny.
Poohbaya what are you smoking???
:slight_smile: Groove

Jared NFS - My thoughts exactly!

Thundercats was my favorite cartoon as a kid.

MBE - Good one LOL! That Cheetara is pretty sexy.

That was the first thing i thought as well. I think its pretty cool.