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New Supplement GPC?


Saw this today on EliteFTS, someone asked what supplements Ted Tolston used and he posted a picture of them. Check out the supplement next to the Animal Pak. I wonder what it is?


I wish i could read what was on the Anaconda label.


big letters say Anabolic Mix

Alpha GPC is the other




This is interesting to what he said about Anaconda: I just received a tub of Anaconda which is also a Biotest product and I am really liking the results so far. It?s a pre, during and post workout mix that helps repair muscle.

Could be some great stuff, I wish it was out, if it repairs muscles, I really could use this product right now.


I zoomed on that label, But does it say Anabolic Fix, not mix?


For the 50 bajillionth motherfucking time:

HOW is that different from Surge Recovery?


What is to the right of the GPC? Looks to be also by Biotest (font, color).


I thought it was ReceptorMax. I could be wrong though, theres a glare over the label.


I am not saying it is different, I am saying it could be a product that is a step up with some added ingredients.


It is ReceptorMax.


That doesn't look like the ReceptorMax label. I tried to do some photo enhancing but I can't make it out.


IMO the label looks closer to luecine than Receptormax (except size).


Its Receptormax.

And to me the Anaconda label looks like it says "Anabolic Fix"


I dunno, it looks like Receptor is on there, but doesn't look like max. God I need a life


The label on Receptormax the last 2 lines where it says "maximizes anabolic effects of insulin and testoterone" is in YELLOW writing.

In the link this is white writing. Comparing side by side they look different.


looks like CEC-lumin or something like that


Nah, son. You need to eat (and lift) and update that blog :wink: