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New Superman is...


This guy? Ran across this on the Drudge report of all places...haha

thoughts? Liked him in "The Tudors" I still wish Tom Welling would get the part...oh well...




same here...I just recently got into "the tudors" he plays a supporting role in that series...not sure I have seen him in anything else.


Yeah Tudors was a short lived series here, think it ended before I even considered watching it. Still perhaps the chose someone with anonymity so as audiences not have pre-conceived impressions of the actor. I don't think people knew Brandon Routh that well before he played S in Superman Returns.


In before the "He's not big enough!" post!


He's not big enough...


Haha, I was on the post screen when you posted this.


Coming soon to a thread near you...

Which Actor playing a Superhero is the most Powerful Superhero of All Time?


So that means that Spiderman, Batman, and Superman will all be played by Brits.




Still better than this guy (probably).


For those that do want to see a bigger Superman, here's a fake trailer for a Superman/Batman movie called "World's Finest"
Mike O'Hearn, from American Gladiators is Supes.


From the article that I thought was funny "He's got an amazing quality. He doesn't look too much like Reeve and Routh but he's big and strong and he has a very modern feel to him," a Warner Bros exec just told us. "We're really going to try and make Superman as contemporary as possible."


They know they fucked up with the last guy to play him. I am actually surprised that actor didn't get flamed much more because of the overuse of makeup, the overall retarded way he played the character and the fact that they acted like the last 30 years in comics and tv hadn't happened.

I am hoping they learned from that massive mistake. Reeves was great for the time he played the character. Choosing a guy who looks MORE feminine to play him in this era was one of the worst casting decisions I can remember in a while.

I actually do hope they pay attention to Smallville and take notes. People like Clark. They know what makes him act the way he does. He's annoying. He's a little too good...and everyone around him knows it and balances that equation...something they didn't even get into in that movie as far as who Clark is. He isn't the straight up nerd that Routhe played even though he's awkward and doesn't really fit in.


What about this guy makes him "macho"?

Any women here want to fill me in on that?


^ Good question, that is why I quoted from the article. We must be straight up missing link if this guy is macho.


I figured I was judging by how soft everyone else is getting.


I am judging because I grew up with Hollywood hero's as Arnold, Clint and Bronson. Now it's hairless men in skinny jeans with lean body mass of an anorexic ballerina.


Come on X... Do women EVER post in the superhero threads? Lol


Thank God it's not him. I can't fucking stand Nick Cage anymore.