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New Super Supplement?


i was just reading about 3 supplements, that if used together, create quite a synergestic(sp) effect. Carnosine, Beta Alanine, and L-Histinine. Have any of you guys heard of this? I signed up on David Barr's newsletter and read a bit about it.


The supplement is beta-alanine. It works via the augmentation of intramuscular carnosine (a buffer). No need to take carnosine itself or histidine. Beta-alanine is THE rate-limtiting step in the synthesis of carnosine.


Also, if you read TC's note of a few days ago, you would have seen that there was an online radio program which mentioned an upcoming Biotest product - time releasing Beta-Alinine. I guess the time release factor gets around one of the annoying side effects which is tingling skin.

Sounded very promising. Previous research regarding increased endurance was remarkable.

Look forward to it.