New Summer workout and diet help

Next semester at my school I’m joining the rugby team. In order to make forward, I need to be around 190-210. As of right now, I am 180 with approx 8-9% body fat. I was thinking for the summer of doing the following programs:


Then, after this, which is 14 weeks, I believe, I want to cut a little bit of the fat off to get back to around 10% body fat. I was wondering what type of diet I should go on and what workout I should do during this cutting phase.

Thanks for the help,

I would suggest looking at the Dont Diet Diet and massive eating in your case. You would be able to seemlessly switch from a bulk, to maint., then a cut with just a simple adjustment of k/cals.

Makes it all the easier in my opinion, and will still give you the carbs needed for all the running and such involved with rugby.