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New Subway Ad

First it was Jared, then Clay Henry. Now it’s these two guys who were “fast approaching 500 lbs.” (Obviuosly a combined weight.) And then they lost 100 lbs. each because “for 7 months we ate nuthin’ but Subway.” The comercial ends with an old guy suggesting they should be male go-go dancers.

As terrible of a diet as this is, they did lose 100 lbs. I guess you have to give them some credit. What really ticks me off is that Subway still is claiming their subs as being good for you because they are low fat.

Anyone seen the new commercial? It’s aired quite heavily on OLN during the Tour De France of all places.

For having been on the excessive side (i.e. 35 pounds and 50 at worse) overweight until I knew better methods, I can tell you that the first pounds are the easiest to lose.

(Anybody remember that lose-10-pounds-in-3-days with very specific measures that included various types of food (toasts, beets, tuna, ice cream, hot dog saucages, etc.) diet? That damn thing still worked, but each time you tried it the next wave was half the previous wave`s result (i.e. 10, 5, 2.5, etc.). I never figured the mechanic. Must have worked on excess water retention mechanisms. But I digress.)

The real war comes when you arrive at the 15% bodyfat levels. At least for me it did. Another thing that you wont see in Subway is under 10% bodyfat level spokesmodels. Subway alone cant cut it up to there.

Did they lose 100 lbs? Yes. Did they do it the most effective way? No.

They probally gained the 100 lbs. first, then lost it back.

In any case, they can now start their careers as Subway spokesmen/male go-go dancers.

Jared NFS is a go-go dancer. Is he one of the guys on the commercial?

At least Subway pretends that their stuff is healthy though. McDonald’s doesn’t even pretend. They just add more patties. Actually, I don’t know what’s worse, McDonald’s being honest & overdoing it, or Subway trying to deceive everyone into thinking their stuff is good for them.

MON Q: Honest or not, they sell it, people buy it. AND THAT`S THE BOTTOM LINE! All the rest is speculation.

Not effective? With that final result, they were losing about 3.5 lbs a week. That seems pretty effective.

As for muscle loss and whatnot, I don’t know. I haven’t seen the commercial but I can only assume they look pretty skinny.

The deal here is calories in, calories out. If they were following the same diet as that Jared guy, I believe the daily intake of food was 1 footlong veggie sub and one 6 inch turkey sub. You are probably talking about 1000 calories here. That Jared guy also didn’t eat breakfast and I believe he started walking a lot.

I saw the commercial and they still have 50 more to lose…no need to brag yet

There was an interesting post awhile back about Jared’s lifestyle during his weight loss phase. Kind of disgusting too.

So Subway is essentially reaching out to the morbidly obese. As a restaurant, that’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

JWright - the way I make my money is my business. The way you scope out elementary schools for “targets” is yours.

Hey, just because I’m a contractor doesn’t necessarily mean I “target” schools - I just want to install cameras, ok?

Whoops, nevermind… I think the 100 lbs was for both? That would mean about 1.7 lbs of fat per week. Still nice progress for skinnies.

LOL… I went back up and re-read.