New Study Says Red Meat is Safe, But Is It?

Ha! I’ve seen some studies make that exact mistake. And, if I may, don’t blame the potatoes for what happened to them in the process becoming fast-food fries. I recall a “potatoes are bad” study, much hyped by the low-carb clan, where the people studied were getting their spuds almost solely from drive-thru french fries.


I farm for a living raising cattle and chickens and nothing is perfect but when ur income solely depends on how well ur animals are tended too they become as important as family . When bad weather strikes as soon as I make sure my family is safe my animals are next and the best way to help us out is by doing what u are talking about , every chance u get buy direct from the farmer , 99 % of the time u won’t be disappointed


I absolutely love red meat; especially steak. A few years ago while I was in a bulking phase, I literally ate a 12oz strip every night for my last meal. As time went on, my girlfriend (now wife) started telling me I smelled rotten because red meat takes the longest to digest LOL. Apparently it was seeping out of my pores hahaha.

ahhhh yes, the meat sweats.

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Yes! Hahaha. In fact, going and gorging myself at Texas De Brazil will bring them on HARD, in addition to the fact that I’ll swell up like Shrek from all the sodium, haha.


The type of folks who eat a lot of fast food are eating “reactionary”. (I used to be one) They don’t necessarily plan on it, but their stressful job, kids, lifestyle in general put them a few steps behind on a daily basis. Many meals are an ‘emergency’, and many focus on relieving non-hunger symptoms, more than nutrition.

E.G.; They get off work, they’re pissed at a supervisor/coworker, they haven’t eaten anything all day, they’re in a bad mood/anxious, they extinguish these feelings with a large heavy meal.

Or, they come home, their kids are crazy, work was taxing, they throw some fried nuggets and tots in the air fryer. grams and grams of vegetable oil for everyone.

This type of lifestyle stress -has- to be another factor in those studies.


I do my part as much as I can… not with actual work, but buying and eating the food you produce.

People should be more concerned about the vaccine than red meat. The data shows that the covid vaccine and its boosters do more harm to the heart than any piece of meat. But big Pharma would love to blame meat for its vaccine side effects, why not it already blames climate change for heart disease! I found it ironic that people are more concerned about ingesting GMO than they are injecting themselves with an experimental vaccine.

I really don’t care to conflate those two already very complex subjects.

Thanks though.


I alternate my days between red meat, chicken, fish and a more “carby” day and I have noticed that it balances well and I feel great. It lends variety and keeps things in a moderate level.
I can’t fathom eating red meat ( or chicken or fish) every day, that would be, at the very least, borning.
Variety is the spice of life.


You’re going to have to show the receipts for that one.


Nothing complex about it as the data speaks for itself! This is why vaccinated and boosted people are the majority catching Covid and getting sick.

If the vaccine did nothing to protect and the majority of the people got vaccinated, it only makes sense that the majority gets sick.

What is the data? Run a 2-Proportions test. And let the data statistically “speak” for itself.

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Ok. I tried polite.

Just shut the fuck up. I don’t need to know what kind of kooky shit you believe.

Go tell someone esle and quit tagging me.

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When you look at mortality rates, the VAST majority of people who die are right handed.

Like, it’s an ABSURD amount of people that die who end up being right handed.

It’s why I started shaking my shaker bottle with my left hand.


kindly go fuck yourself. or at least take it to PWI. This sort of stuff doesn’t belong in this thread. K thanks bye.

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If you want to talk about what the data says, it is not rocket science, but it is simple statistics. Do you have the data? Or not?

I suspect your data IQ is rather low.
All I would like is the data and whether it can pass a Measurement System Analysis. I am not interested in what you think. You are the one who stated that the data speaks for itself. Put up or… continue to say what you believe.

I suspect you’re correct, given that his ‘data’ so far doesn’t involve any actual numbers, lol.

But I also suspect that further engagement with him will not be happening on this thread, as much as I have the itch to entertain it.

True! When my arm was sore the day after my booster shot, my primary care physician told me to cut down on the Slim Jim’s. When I expressed my belief that the soreness and body aches were vaccine-related, she showed me data that clearly pointed instead to the carne asada burrito I had at lunch.


That was hilarious.

I absolutely agree with @flipcollar that this conversation should just happen in the sub-forum purposed for exactly these types of conversations. I think a different level of interaction is to be expected with political topics and we don’t necessarily want that bleeding to the other parts of the site for folks that don’t want to be engaged in it.

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