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New Study on Ecdysterone Looks Promising


Well, this looks to be promising. Thought it had fallen off the radar, now WADA is considering its ban.

Meh, other studies at the same dosage showed no significant effect.

Only 200mg was used though in that study. Much less than what is in supplements.

Might be less than supplemented, but its the same as what was used in the study you linked.

My point wasn’t that the supplement is bunk, its that the studies are clearly inconsistent and that leaves me in the camp of ‘needs more study’ before ill spend money on it.

Otherwise i’d still be be taking each of the 15 different ‘testosterone boosting’ supplements that have all had studies ‘proving’ their efficacy over the last 15 years.

Well, not many supplement studies produce results that catch WADAs attention. The fact that these results produced significant results in human participants (42 participants) compared to placebo and control groups is enough to raise a few eyebrows at WADA. The doses used were 12mg and 48mg (considerably low) compared to supplement doses of around 300mg.

The major advantage is that because this was part funded by WADA, screening could be used to make sure the influence of any other drugs (e.g. PEDS) did not influence the results.

Overall, this study is enough to make me try this just for the curiosity.

I’ve been looking into this too. Interesting, the supplementation in the study would be like eating 8.8lbs of raw spinach (spinach contains the most of the stuff in nature, quinoa and brazillian ginseng do as well) which is about 90 percent water… They actually do want to ban the stuff just not sure how they are going to go about it. Are there any decent supplements of this stuff even out there?

Yeh, I have been using beta ecdysterone powder from sportpoeders.nl. Supplier out Holland.

So is beta-ecdysterone a phtyoecdysterone? Or is one found in arthopods and the other found in plants?

I have no idea, all I know is that the one from sportpoeders is 90% from Cianotis Arachnoïdea which is the highest concentration of the compound.

It is not cheap, but this study was enough for me to give it a try.