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New Study: LDL's Positive Effect on Muscle


A study reveals that LDL is not the evil Darth Vader of health it has been made out to be in recent years and that new attitudes need to be adopted in regards to the substance


"It shows that you do need a certain amount of LDL to gain more muscle mass. There's no doubt you need both -- the LDL and the HDL -- and the truth is, it (cholesterol) is all good. You simply can't remove all the 'bad' cholesterol from your body without serious problems occurring."


Interesting, too bad the survey was among untrained old men.


Old men have many things going against them that younger guys do not. Do not think the testing results can lead to anything conclusive about your nutrition (if you are not ~55+).




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I know that the study was for older men, just pointing out the study


Then my comments were also simply for clarity.


Is it still safe to say LDLb is the bad kind?


@jehovasfitness: You mean VLDL?


Wasn't it that animal fat makes cholesterol particles "bigger" (as such "more" harmless) while fructose makes them smaller and also increases VLDL production?
Oh, wait, fructose increases both LDLb and VLDL?
Double whammy.


Hey MODOK, can you post some of those studies? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


or articles that mention it.

I believe in Taubes' book GCBC he mentions this (though i think it was less than 160 and thought it related to stroke)


just having read the book, I have my notes handy.

one of the biggest studies about this whole topic:

Framingham chol <190= 3x more risk of colon cancer than those with >220

2x as more likely than those with >280 of any kind of cancer