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New Study: Late-Night Eating and Weight Gain


Apologies if this has been posted before, but just saw this press release on the BBC news website this morning. Won't come as a surprise to many, but always worth having some science behind a theory.




Interesting that the whole article said "weight" not fat which doesn't make it clear. But I presume it's fat, take it with a pinch of salt its done on rats and the research is made to try and explain why people are obese so not directly linked to muscle building.


Please, I don't need to read the study to know this is retarded.

Most people gain weight because they eat too many calories, and then you add in the fact that late at night people aren't usually eating salmon and broccoli either.


I always thought people gained weight because of their genetics, and they'd already "tried everything".


nah, that only accounts for 90% of it. The other 10% is what you eat and do for movement :wink:


I disagree, I'd give diet and exercise 5% and the other 5 would go to "not having the time/money to eat right"