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New strongman In cali

Now that the one in Sonora is cancelled I hear there is a new one scheduled in Tracy? I want to go. Anyone in NorCal please respond. I was reaslly looking forward to this thing in Sonora but they couldnt get enough sponsorship funds. That really sucks. I think all these supplement companies should put some money where the real athletes are and stop fucking around with the bodybuildergethugeandrippedin3days bullshit.

I got an email from the promoter of the Sierra Strongman shoot out. He said there is going to be one in Railtown (do you know if this is close to Stockton?) in Semptember. I’ll try to make it out. My wife and I were planning on doing at least one of the days this weekend, but I guess we have to wait till September. I’ll have to cruise up to Burlingame and meet you at Il Fornio. Just let me know what days you normally work if you have a typical schedule.