New Strange/Anxious Feeling After TRT Injections

I have searched for an answer/experience to this but cant find anything. I have been on TRT for about 4 1/2 years. I take 0.5ml or 100mg/week in my buttocks. Lately, maybe the last couple months, about 3 days after injection I start to get real anxious and a tense feeling in my head. I have trouble sleeping and over all dont have a good sense of well being. What could be the cause of this and has anybody ever experienced this?

Have you gotten labs since this has started?

I haven’t and going for labs on Sept 2nd when I goto the dr.

I should also say the feeling goes away after doing my weekly injection. Could my dose be to high or some other underlying cause. I must say these feeling can be unpleasant to deal with.

Seems you need to switch to more frequent injections

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As @vonko1988 stated, your issues could probably be fixed with more frequent injections, but having lab work before you changed anything would be a better way to say for sure. You could be just not maintaining the same numbers you were a year or so ago (or whenever it was that you weren’t having this issue) and just need to increase dose. Your SHGB could be way lower now as well.

Either way, I would take labs and then make any changes so you have a baseline.

I’m afraid we will not be of much help to you without lab testing, we can only guess. Your body may be changing and what worked for years will no longer work. You will never be on the same dosage indefinitely, you will need to adjust your protocol as needed and to know which direction to go you need lab testing.

You need minimum Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen.

Thanks for the help guys and I will be sure to to over this with my doc and post labs here for more feedback.

One other question. I injected 100mg last friday and would it be to early to take a split dose today and the other half on friday?

Anything will be better than what you are doing now, I would start spitting it up now until you have labs.

When I started on 220mg once weekly I had the same exact symptoms. The sleeping part was the worst for me. I went to more frequent injections (twice weekly, then to EOD, and finally daily). They stopped at the EOD dosing but I feel best at 185mg daily. At your dose you would likely feel better with more frequent injections without having to lower the dose. Just speculation obviously but I’d put money on it helping a lot.

If you’re going to daily shots you can start 3ish days after your last shot and probably not have any issues. If you want to be super careful then wait the full 7 but I don’t think it’s necessary in my opinion (I’ve done it). It may take a few weeks before you start feeling a big difference. For me it took a little longer than what I see from most people. Daily shots was a game changer for me. Either sub-q or IM I use 30g, 1/2 inch needle, 1CC insulin syringes (easytouch brand) and rotate between delts (for IM).