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New Store in NYC

Hey NYC T-freques. A new store carrying the full Biotest line (w/ 30% discounts) has jsut opened up on west 15th between 7th and 8th avenue (The A,C,E is a block away). Place is called Nutri Sport. The owner is a great guy and my personal friend Scott is doing all the ordering so if you need anything special just let him know, and tell him I sent ya. Take care. Lata.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that MBE does indeed have the hook up. He knows the best supplement stores in NYC and is on a first name basis with all of the owners. He’s personally taken me to a few, and just earlier today got me a great deal on some stuff. I think he sold his soul, but I saved $20 so that’s fine by me. Thanks again, bro. Everyone else, check out Nutri Sport.

excellent…mere blocks from my school

Thank you Trev. Concerning my soul, I figured I would have a better estimation of LBM if I discarded it (Having traded it in for said discounts and some Methoxy) plus the soul extraction leaves more room for protein intake and storrage. Fun for all. Check out the store. Lata.

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Ive went thier. Has alot of usefull stuff and great deals.

MBE - What is it that you do for a living? I’m just curious because you write some of the best/funniest posts I’ve seen on any board.

Thanks for the praise, Static. In terms of my vocation, I jsut graduated college with a degree in Forensic Psychology (no, not psychology of dead people) and will be going to Queens College for graduate studies in psychology this coming fall. I work part time as a night manager of a community recreation/cultural center in my town, and this summer I will be working as an athletic specialist/director in a camp program for developmentally disabled students. I write a bit, and had a column in my college paper which was both loved and abhorred (hey, gotta love extremes. Some people just don’t get it.) and I plan to continue writing in grad school. I enjoy adding a little quasi-fucked-upededness to the forum, as my philosophy about training is that it should be enjoyable. I look forward to my workouts. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, birds that can learn to curse, and listening to Trev’s tales of protein shake experimentation while he attempts in vain to control climaxing when he gets to addding psyllum husk. That’s the abridged version of my existence. Lata.

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Cheers for the Info mate

Problem is, i am in England, so would be a fair old hike for me to get there :slight_smile:

Thanks all the same though :slight_smile:

MBE: I’m sure its going to be a great store. I own the Nutri-Sport in Indy and I like to think its great. All t-mag clones be sure to visit the new store in NY.

I agree with Static, you got some funny shit goin’ there, thanks for the laughs bro. With ragards to the store. Does this guy mail out, maybe to Canada? Does he have a website? Thanx.

Thanks for the compliment, bro. I’m sure he ships, as the have a mail order form on the site (NYC owner’s name is Chris, btw, kickass guy)the website is www.nutrisport.com though it is still under construction. Lata.

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