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New Sticky Thread Idea


Can we get general nuthanger and hater folders stickied to the bottom of the forum, with ruthless moderator subjugation of all fighter nuthanger and hater posts to their respective proper places?

I'm getting sick of how every thread discussing fighting devolves into two kindergartners arguing about whose dad can beat up the other's. I can go read Sherdog for that crap.


haha apparently the MMA fanboys aren't as civil as us boxing folks... what thread you talking about so I can go read it?


ignore list?
just saying


Honestly? I've stopped reading any thread with a name in the title. Any time someone mentions Fedor, GSP, JDS, Carwin, or any other big name the haters will chime in (and hey, when it comes to Lesnar, I hate), followed by a flood of fanboys trying to see who can get their lips around the most nutsack.

I have to admit, the fanboys piss me off more than the haters, because some of the hate starts as legit critique of a fighter's weaknesses, but I'd quarantine all of them if it made the banal "x is the best fighter of all time ZOMG!!!!!1one1!" posts go away.


just for the record, my dad and Devildog_Jim's dad will be fighting in early 2011.....just syain'



And my dad will kick your dad's ass, right before we throw down on the playground.

Behind the gym at 3, be there.


This usually happens- when TUF is rolling or when there is a UFC fight happening-
and then the Brotards come out.
lately its been kind of mellow and trolls kind of die out.

Im rather disappointed in the last few brotard fests very little good material

and who's dad is going to say 'come at me bro'